You were created for GREATNESS

You were created for GREATNESS


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bulletin board designed to motivate your students

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Attention all teachers! Our You were created for GREATNESS! bulletin board design is the perfect way to inspire and motivate your students. This colorful and playful design features a fun polka dot pattern and the powerful message that each and every one of your students has the potential for greatness. We create these bulletin board decors with an additional inch on each side to ensure it fully covers the board and allows for the board to cover over the bulletin board frame if desired. We ship these unhemmed to allow for any trimming that is necessary to fit your board exactly, as we have found each board is slightly different based on the time it was built and the frame it was put in.

With its customizable size options, this bulletin board design can be tailored to fit any classroom space. And if you prefer, you can even add your own message of encouragement for your students to personalize the design even further.

The "You Were Created for Greatness" bulletin board design is an excellent way to remind your students that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. Whether you're teaching younger students who are just beginning to explore their talents and interests or older students who are preparing for whatever is ahead. This bulletin board is the perfect addition to any classroom wall. Its bright colors and playful design are sure to capture your students' attention and inspire them to do their best every day. The product shown is a size of 4x6, but several sizes are available. The design will change slightly as the sizes change.

So why wait? Order our "You were created for GREATNESS!" bulletin board design today and start motivating your students to be their best selves!